Jack Simcock

Farmhouse with Head 1974 Oil by Jack Simcock

Original early oil painting in a traditional style titled Farmhouse with Head 1974 by Jack Simcock.

Signed bottom right, with the artist name, painting name and date and number of the painting on the back.




Framed in original wooden frame selected by Jack Simcock for his traditional paintings. The frame has been cleaned and finished by the gallery restoration services ensuring it will work instantly within the home.

In the foreground a head sits in a gap in a hawthorne hedge behind a field slopes upto a bank with a hedgerow just in view with a field banked on the edge of a half farmhouse with gables and pitched rooftops and chimneys in distant view. A hawthorned tree sits to the right. The Moorland cottage sits in front of a mono silvery grey sky. The whole painting is of a lighter tone to other paintings by Jack Simcock, it may be a summer moorland landscape as found in the area surrounding Mowcop, Biddulph, Brown Edge, Lask Edge, the landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Artist: Jack Simcock (1929-2012)

Title: Farmhouse 1974

Signed Bottom Right & Dated 1974

Type: Oil Painting on Board

Size: 21cm x 30cm / 8.25" x 11.75"

Framed size:  29cm x 39cm / 11.5" x 15.25"

This painting is likely to have been painted from his address and studio in Primitive Street, Mowcop.

Provenance:  Purchased from the Piccadilly Gallery, Mayfair, London.


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