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Jayne Pellington (b. 1967)

Jayne is a Manchester based contemporary Artist Printmaker working out of Hot Bed Press printmaking studies in Salford.

Born 1967 in Newcastle-under-Lyme Jayne completed a Foundation Course at North Staffordshire Polytechnic before going on to study Fine Art BA(Hons) in 1986, eventually specialising in Printmaking, at the Manchester School of Art.

Jayne returned to Printmaking full time when her children went to university. Her current work comprises of a series of urban landscapes. She has a particular interest in the contrast between old functional buildings such as mills and warehouses which are often re-invented for modern use, and historic landmarks alongside sharp, modern architecture. Her work begins with a series of photographs and drawings of the places which she chooses as her landscapes and then studies and works on them later to select to use in a print.

Etching for her is a continuation of the line drawings on paper on the etching plate itself, and part of the process is experimenting with the marks that can be made on the plate to enhance the image. She does not have a fixed idea of how the print will look - it evolves as part of the process.

Her Lino Prints begin by looking at the shape and forms around and within the buildings and printing blocks of colour to represent the shapes. With each layer of colour the image gradually emerges.

Jayne has exhibited at a number of venues over the years including MOSTYN Gallery, Llandudno, Stockport Museum and Art Gallery, Salford Art Gallery, the Hepworth Print Fair, RK Burt Gallery in London, Saul Hay and House of Bystander in Manchester.

Barewall are delighted to include Jayne in their artist collection at the gallery in Stoke-on-Trent and online.