John Shelton

Male Portrait 1967 by John Shelton


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Original mixed media Portrait of a Man by John Shelton 1967.

The portrait is of a man who is dressed very flamboyantly with open tall necked coat. He has a very visible cheek bones and thin chin with pouting lips. The portrait may be considered a wild looking yet what at the time in the 1960's may have been considered effeminate man maybe the portrait is that of an actor or someone in the arts.

This is also the same year as homosexuality in Britain became legalised. It may have been a portrait to represent this. John Shelton was not unaware of gay culture. He was also in London at the same time studying at the Slade in the 1940's when Arthur Berry was living in the same house as the couple Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde known as 'The Two Roberts' and John Minton who famously in love with Robert Colquhoun.    

Mixed media with pencil, charcoal, conte on aged white paper by artist John Shelton.

Framed 68.5cm x 49.5cm / 27" x 19.5" ( 52cm x 33cm / 20.5" x 13" unframed )

Signed Shelton 1967.

Framed in a simple black 1" frame with black mount.

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