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Russell Gregory (b. 1966)

Russell Gregory is a Stoke based artist well known on the underground art scene for many years. His unique world created from oil paint and mdf with artist made painted frames offer the viewer into an insight of Russell's own take on life and all of its happenings good and bad.

His paintings offer extremes of hearts and swear words alongside grotesque struggles emotional and physical of human beings in the backdrop to current urban life.

In 2018 Russell Gregory deservedly won the Arthur Berry prize at the Three Counties Open art exhibition. This is perhaps is first step out of the underground into the gallery world and Barewall are delighted to be able to bring his work to its collection which sits alongside original works from the estate of Arthur Berry.

Online Stoke based blog Bababoon wrote of the Three Counties awards evening:

"One of the main prizes awarded on the night was the Arthur Berry prize which was won by Russell Gregory of Stoke for his painting Rage At Dusk. Arthur Berry, was a painter, poet and playwright from Burslem, who died in 1994, and bequeathed some money to set up a fund to support the arts."

Russell said: “Arthur Berry is one of the greats in my opinion so to win this particular prize is special. I have a studio in Burslem and spend a lot of time just staring out of the window observing what’s going on, and then something from that comes out in a painting.”


If you would like to view more of Russell work please do contact Barewall art gallery.