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Unearthed Jewellery - Recycled and Eco Friendly Jewellery Collection

Unearthed Jewellery is inspired by the UK's countryside and seaside, the designs attempt to capture the conttrast of finding man-made obkects in nature. Based at the edge of the Potteries in Staffordshire, Lynn Davis upcycles shards of pottery, sea glass, and scoria for those who are looking for a way to express their unique selves celebrating their desire to explore, love of being outdoors and who desire handmade jewellery with a unique story.

Unearthed shards are repurposed into one of a kind, eco-concious jewellery, connecting you to the land, memories and story of the shard's origin. Finding shards in nature evokes a strong sense of curiosity about its journey from being discarded, weathered by nature and transformed into treasure.

Barewall are delighted to represent Unearthed. The gallery has seen a steady sale of the beautiful peices prior to the launch of the online presence. We hope you enjoy the collection.