Show how proud you are of the Potteries, invest in your area's art and artist's work by building up a corporate art collection to be proud of. This will also have the added benefit of showing off the City to your customers and visitors.

Imagine being able to host events whilst displaying your own collection of art which can align with your brand and corporate values.

Corporate art can be an investment for your business. Over time original artworks if selected well can increase in value as demand and interest in the artist grows. Stoke on Trent has the perfect story to invest in. Its creative story is unique and one which is vastly untapped, yet it is one of excellence and world class.

Stoke on Trent is also one of the places which is gaining a growing link with the very collected British art, the Northern Art genre. Stoke on Trent has a fully engaged and active connection to ceramics. Studio ceramics and art pottery all has its roots firmly in Stoke on Trent, both are very collectable.

Our area is perfectly placed for corporates to base your corporate art collection around. A collection which will become part of the balance sheet, add value to your organisation, help to create a great environment for your employees, be a reason to find a new audience, and a way of supporting the cultural community and art history of Stoke on Trent, helping to shape the City's unique identity and connection to the arts.

We would love to talk to you about your ambitions to build such a collection and how your collection can benefit you and your organisation in the future.

Build a Stoke on Trent Art Collection to be proud of

Please contact Amanda Bromley at Barewall art gallery to discuss you requirements on 01782 258 843.