Helen Boardman

Transient Kingdom 2023 by Helen Boardman


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Original Acrylic and collage on heavyweight card artwork titled Transient Kingdom 2023 by artist Helen Boardman.

Size: Painting 46.5cm x 46.5cm. Framed size 74cm x 74cm

Medium Acrylic and collage on heavyweight card painting

"This is a square painting. Areas of washed out colour and freely made marks are overlaid with a solid rectangular area of blue at the top of the painting and a larger solid green grey area on the left. Both these areas have been scratched into referencing Beeston castle and field fences. A large rectangular piece of collage painted black and overlaid with capitalised text sits in the lower right of the painting and a bright pink narrow collage piece rises from the bottom left. These reference the cows and fencing respectively. The haiku written on site was referenced as I painted".

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