Paine Proffitt

3C92 Wont Save This Town 2023 by Paine Proffitt


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Original acrylic on canvas artwork titled "Won't Save This Town" 2023 by artist Paine Proffitt.

Size: 51x51 cm

Medium acrylic on canvas - Painting framed in simple black wooden moulding.

This is a square painting. Across the middle of the painting is an industrial Stoke-On-Trent landscape of buildings and bottle kilns, with a cream sky. Below the buildings is a canal with working class figures floating down it, the figures have skull heads. Words saying broken people, broken buildings, broken promises surround line the canal. Above the buildings is a black cloud background. A large working class figure in workman's clothes, with a skull head and wings. The words Wagamama won't save this town is written above him and a large red star is on the right.

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