Arthur Berry

A Three and Sevenpence Halfpenny Man Autobiography Book by Arthur Berry


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A Three and Sevenpence Half Penny Man is the autobiography by the late Arthur Berry.

Published twice this is now out of print and hard to come by except on the 2nd hand market. We only accept very good condition copies.

Arthur Berry is one of Stoke-on-Trent's most famous artists. You can now follow the life and inspirations of the man behind the paintings, poems, plays and monologs. A student of the Burslem School of Art, and the Royal College of Art. Berry returned to the Potteries. He was gifted in capturing the essence of working class through his observations of the places and  people around him.

A very insightful read written by the very talented artist / polymath who should be know as one of the best from British 20th century art who is now becoming ever more known and collected. 

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