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Angel Over Burslem - The Restoration Stoke on Trent History DVD


A story about Burslem's Old Town Halls presented by historian Fred Hughes.

Staffordshire Film Archive describes the story unfolding on this DVD as:

"Burslem’s golden angel looks down guardian like over the Mother Town of Burslem from the tower of the Old Town Hall. She is said to hold sway over the fortunes of Burslem, and when she is not in her rightful place, the town’s fortunes decline. This is a celebration of Burslem’s Town Hall its history and importance with local historian Fred Hughes as our guide. We see designs and images of the first and then the current Town Halls, and chart the various uses the building has had over the years. It charts the restoration and shows in detail the return of the Angel to the tower in 2002, with dramatic film of the delicate positioning and then magnificent aerial shots taking us right up to see her in close-up once in position. The Angel is really a figure of Nike the goddess of Victory in Battle and Burslem has certainly been in the wars over recent years."

Produced by Ray Johnson and Staffordshire Film Archive.

Released in 2002.

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