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Ballad of The Streets by David Proudlove illustrated by Ian Pearsall


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Ballad of The Streets by David Proudlove - Book

A loveletter to the people of The Streets of The Potteries

21 x 25 cms

Price: £25.99

Published 2018.

General Notes

Beautifully illustrated with the paintings of Ian Pearsall and written by native Stokie David Proudlove. This is a personal reflection of growing up in the streets of Packmoor, Stoke on Trent in the late 20th century. It gives insight into the now regeneration expert and sentinel columnist David Proudlove.

Collaborated with Ian Pearsall's paintings and touring with book launches and relevant popup exhibitions by the three close friends and colleagues David, Ian and Lindsay Bainbridge.

This book can be purchased directly from the gallery or online. Postage is £3.95

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