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Bateman's World The World of James Bateman of Biddulph Grange by Bill Ridgway


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Bateman's World: The World of James Bateman of Biddulph Grange

Author: Bill Ridgway

Published by Churnet Valley Books 2012.

James Bateman was one of the influential group of movers and shakers who propelled Britain into the modern age. His circle included Charles Darwin, Director of Kew Gardens Joseph Hooker, nurseryman George Loddiges and geologist Charles Lyell. His collaborator, Edward Cooke, was a friend of artists Turner, Landseer and Millais.

Biddulph Grange Gardens is a reflection of Bateman's world - and the man himself.

Bill Ridgway began his writing career in education, producing a wide range of books for schools market. On his retirement from teaching, he turned to local history writing. At the time of publication Bill Ridgway lives in the Staffordshire Moorlands with his family.

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