Norman Cope

Black Country Fair 1943 Print by Norman Cope


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Print of a drawing by 18 year old Norman Cope whilst attending The Burslem School of Art titled "Black Country Fair 1943".

Mounted size: 30cm x 25cm

Framed size: 35cm x 30cm

In April 2021, information was provided confirming that the drawing is indeed in Burslem even though it is called Black County Fair from Peter Bloor via Professor Ray Johnson.

A bit of background in connection with Norman Cope’s print of the Black Country Fair (at Middleport in the print, with Shelton Bar in the background).

"The local fairground was owned by a travelling family - who ran the  “Jam Jar Wakes”. They overwintered in the crate yard by the Burslem canal and feature in this picture - before hitting the local roads at Eastertime. Their first venue was always a site where the Westport Visitor centre is today and it was known to locals as Jam Jar Wakes because you could get a go on the hoopla, darts , swingboats or whatever by handing over your 3 pence OR an empty jam jar as payment. I think they finished travelling maybe in the late 1960’s and were then housed on the Stanfields Council Estate.”       Peter Bloor

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