Arthur Berry

Arthur Berry: His Plays at The Victoria Theatre DVD


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This DVD covers Arthur Berry's work with Peter Cheeseman, Director of the Victoria Theatre, from 1976 to 1986 - when Arthur’s play St George of Scotia Road was the opening production for the brand new New Victoria Theatre at its Basford location.

TV interviews, and sequences with Arthur and the actors who worked with him, give an engaging insight into his writing and how his plays were realised for the stage. Film and recordings of Arthur talking about the plays and characters. photos, programmes, Arthur’s designs for stage sets and character paintings for the actors - preserved in the VICTORIA THEATRE COLLECTION - bring Arthur’s theatre work to life.

The DVD is prduced by Ray Johnson of the Staffordshire Film Archive and with thanks to the New Vic Theatre, Romy Cheesman and the Estate of Arthur Berry.

Produced in Dec 2015 coinciding with the Lowry and Berry: Observers of Urban Life art exhibiton at The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery 25th July 2015 to 10th Jan 2016.

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