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Burslem Saturday Audio CD


Burslem Saturday is a recording of Pre war Burslem in Rhyme and Story on a CD format Recorded originally at the studios of BBC RADIO STOKE brought to you by Staffordshire Film Archive.

Includes introduction by Len Barnett

"I grew up in Middleport, in the same labyrinth of back-to-backs and alleys where Bennett spent his youth, an within sight of the Golden Angel top Burslem's Town Hall. Mountains of 'potters shards' - a feature of the district - were my Himalayas, and the Mersey Wever Canal with its horse barges, 'boatees' and forested crateyards overlooked my Gran's house - a waterway I would not have swapped for the Amazon. I remember the Six Towns most foundly the way they were before the War. The 'potters' themselves are little changed, the old cynicism, humour and values prevail." - Len Barnett 2003.


1 Burslem Saturday    Richard Masters

2 Thumbnail Sketch   Peter Legge

3 The Knocker Up      Joan Bennett

4 Clocking In             Eric Ball

5 St Josephs              Gordon Broomfield

6 The Gypsies            Alison Townsend

7 Red Wednesdays    Richard Masters

8 Waiting Turns         The Company

9 Killer Pits                 Peter Legge

10 The Price of Coals George Goodall, Eric Ball, Richards Masters, Peter Legge

11 The Poor Lads       Joan Bennett, Judith Franklin, Alison Townsend

12 Vincent Riley         Eric Ball

13 St Paul's Churchyard  Peter Legge

14 A Professional Woman  Judith Franklin

15 The Staffordshire Bull George Goodall

16 The Allotments    Eric Ball

17 Haircut                 Gordon Broomfield

18 Middleport Wedding  Judith Franklin

19 The Bread Lads     George Goodall, Eric Ball, Richards Masters, Peter Legge

20 Fat Emma's Lobby  Alison Townsend

21 Wakes                    Gordon Broomfield

22 By Appointment     Joan Bennett, Judith Franklin, Alison Townsend

23 The Potters of Stoke Peter Legge

24 Gifts                       Richard Masters

The readers of from he Stoke on Trent Repertory Theatre, introduction and links by Ray Johnson.

Recorded at the Studios of BBC Radio Stoke - Recording Engineer Arthur Wood. Music by Douglas Seville recorded at the Clockhouse Studio, Keele. Production engineers Toby Wilson, Cliff Bradbury. Published by Hood and Broomfield 2003. 

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