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Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett


Arnold Bennett

Clayhanger : An Illustrated Edition

Edited by John Shapcott, University of Keele, and Martin Laux, Arnold Bennett Society

Bursting with fascinating documentary detail whilst never losing touch with the everyday lives of those caught up in turbulent times, this was the novel that set the seal on Bennett's reputation as one of Britain's greatest story tellers.

The Arnold Bennett Society describes Clayhanger as:

"Clayhanger is Bennett’s totally engrossing portrait of life in the Potteries in Victorian times as seen through the eyes of Edwin Cayhanger, from leaving school to early manhood. 

Amongst the large cast of memorable characters surrounding Edwin are his printer father, Darium, whose tyrannical nature was shaped  by the brutality of the workhouse; his sensual, provocative and mysterious lover Hilda Lessways; the formidable Auntie Hamps, whose well-intentioned but forever interfering nature captures the essence of Victoria Methodist hypocrisy; and the clog-dancing Florence Simcox, whose mesmerising display triggers Edwin’s sexual awakening." 

Cover Image: Florence Simcox Clog Dancer by Sally Richardson.

Published by Churnet Valley Books.

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