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Elsie and the Child by Arnold Bennett


Arnold Bennett

Elsie and the Child - A Tale of Riceyman Steps and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett

Edited with an introduction by John Shapcott, University of Keele.

John Shapcott has also held the position of Chairman of The Arnold Bennett Society.

The thirteen stories in this new edited edition showcase Arnold Bennett's imaginative ingenuity, emotional creativity and socially conscious sensibility over an astonishing range. Bennett proves himself a writer able to take on any topic and make it a compelling and entertaining page-turning tale.

The title story is a sensitive and psychological astute exploration of childhood's loss of innocence, disguised as a reoprt on a minor domestic incident. Momentous symbolic events re-enact the Biblical expulsion from the Garden of Eden in contemporary class terms.

Other stories in the book introduce a cast of new and fascinating characters as Bennett displays his skill in moving from tales of the Potteries, in 'The Limits of Dominion', to encompass an intimate knowledge of out-of-the-way corners of London, and the lonely landscape of the Essex marshes. Bennett the virtuoso craftsman is brilliant, incisive and always entertaining as he invites his readers to sample a masterly range of subjects and locales.

Cover picture: 1924 Dustwrapper - artist unknown.


Published by Churnet Valley Books.

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