Enos Lovatt

EN0CB001 Abstract 1989 acrylic on cardboard by Enos Lovatt

Original tall point theatrical abstract acrylic painting on cardboard by Enos Lovatt c1989.

Imagined painting with coloured dots of paint on a floating mass of interconnected circular forms in black which give a sensation of a moving or dancing figure in the centre of the painting.

Blue background with shades of blue dots, yellow, red, grey and white circles on black.

This is a large painting executed on reclaimed cardboard circa 1989 by Enos Lovatt.

It appears to be an exercise of painting in dots to achieve movement in the painting with rounded forms and coloured various sized circles. 

Approx. Image Size: 142cm x 104cm

Unframed. Sustainable piece of art made circa 1989 on reused cardboard. 

Provenance direct from the studio of the artist.

Code: EN0CB001

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