Enos Lovatt

EN17Oil Man in Cap c1950s by Enos Lovatt

An original large mid 20th century oil figurative painting on board in thick impasto style oil paint found at artist studio.

The painting is one of a recurring theme of a "Man in Cap" by the artist in oil which he painted whilst at the Burslem School of Art as a student prior to heading off to The Royal College of Art in London in 1959. At the time Enos lived at Mowcop and so was surrounded by the countryside life.

The markings suggest that the man is perhaps riding a bike down a lane with a heavy overcoat, scarf and cap on although the markings do not allow to fully resolve the image. It has an enormous amount of presence and will hold a space in a home or commercial space.

Dated c.1950s. 

Framed in period slim edged white wood panel wooden frame with blocks.

Painting size: 76cm x 99cm or 30" x 39" (83cm x 107cm or 33" x 42" framed) 

Provenance direct from the artist's studio at the family home in Albert Terrace, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire.

Numbered EN17Oil-Board

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