Enos Lovatt

EN22Oil Old Man Leaning c1960s by Enos Lovatt


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An original large haze of blue mid century oil painting of an old man in cap leaning figure on board in oil paint found at studio of Enos Lovatt.

Old Man Leaning is one of a series of paintings found in the Staffordshire studio of Enos Lovatt. It is one which is c1960s and framed as such. He would have painted this after he was in London at the at The Royal College of Art in 1959 with David Hockney.

The painting has been painted with colours which have been mixed as though behind a blue haze tone, or looking through a blue window or perhaps in the shade of a blue reflection.

Dated c.1960s. 

Framed in contemporary slim edged white wood panel wooden frame to suit the period of the work.

Painting size: 94cm x 120cm or 37" x 47.25" framed) 

Provenance direct from the artist's studio at the family home in Albert Terrace, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire.

Numbered EN21Oil-Board

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