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Footsteps in the Past Trilogy by Margaret Moxom

The trilogy of novels titled Footsteps in the Past by author Margaret Moxom covers stories which are interlaced with real events in the Potteries, North Staffordshire. 

The first, Footsteps in the Past was released in July 2018.

The author describes the book as:

"This book concerns the Pottery Riots of 1842, which developed into the General Strike. This isn't a history book, but its history turned into a gripping novel. Jane finds herself whisked back into 1842 after seeing a ghostly figure running away from the Ash Hall Nursing Home, where she worked. In 1842, she finds herself working for Job Meigh, the entrepreneur pottery master who built Ash Hall. He was a violent Victorian who maimed his wife and possibly killed someone else in his workforce but was a great philanthropist to the outside world and a magistrate. He and industrialist pottery and mine owners had grown rich from the labours of their workers, who were driven to starvation when their pay was cut. The Chartists wanted to get the Peoples Charter approved by Parliament to offer the people, among other requests, representation in Parliament and the vote. This was rejected, resulting in the violent pottery riots. Jane has to discover why she has been sent back into the past possibly to help Job Meighs wife or possibly for involvement with the riots which will lead her into life-threatening danger. In any case, she has to find out who the ghostly figure was. Will she get back to her own time? You will have to read to see."

The second is The Secret and was released in 31 January 2020

The author describes to book as:

"Following on from 'Footsteps in the Past' 'The Secret' takes the main characters, Jane and John 39 years on from the Pottery Riots of 1842. There is a coal mining disaster at Lillydale Colliery, Bucknall, Staffordshire, in which their son is involved. While nursing John back to health, after his attempt to rescue their son, Jane reminisces what has happened over the past 39 years. Her stories unravel while desperately awaiting news if their son is still alive or not. The stories include the coming of the railway and her work at the appalling workhouse hospital - leading on to the introduction of trained nurses. Through paranormal experiences, Jane's secret is eventually enlightened to John - something he would not believe at first, and which had led to years of separation. The book concentrates on the small area surrounding Werrington, Staffordshire - a microcosm of life at the time - and bringing in characters, who actually existed. The historical events are accurate."

The third in the series is John's Story which was released on 31 July 2020.

The author describes the book as:

"Following on from "Footsteps in the Past", John's Story starts as a youth in the peaceful countryside town of Hanley and leads onto the Pottery Riots of Burslem in 1842. His poignant story develops through John's loves, labour's and losses shown against the background of the town becoming heavily industrialised with a huge influx of workers from the countryside, looking for work. I have included some lighter notes of the circus coming to town and the horse-races. However, with the American market at a stand-still, workers are laid off and others have repeated pay cuts by the affluent mine and pottery owners, including the infamous Job Meigh, causing starvation with the ever-present threat of the workhouse.. The backdrop of these turbulent times, with the starving pottery and mine workers, as they fight for their rights, more pay and the vote, promoted by the Chartists, also includes the Cholera pandemic (similar to COVID19 that we are experiencing now). The history is factual and most characters existed. I have tried to depict the six towns at the time, through John's love of Architecture."


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