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JAMES HOLLAND The Forgotten Artist by Steve Bond


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James Holland (1799-1870) English artist, born Burslem now buried in Highgate cemetery, London took the early Victorian London art scene by storm to become one of the most influential artists of the day, yet his memory is not celebrated it has been forgotten. This book written in 1999 by one of Holland's descendants aims to bring his memory and story back to the forefront and makes a fascinating read particularly to those with an interest in the art history of Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire.

The back of the book states : "James Holland is recognised as one of the finest watercolourists of the English School. His ability as a colourist is almost unrivalled.

This talented family loving man from Staffordshire, took London by the throat and, with others of like mind helped to shake the early 19th century art world out of its romantic complacency, into the realms of brilliant colour and reality.

 He was a true son of the Five Towns, born in Burslem with a potter father and employed at an early age as a painter in porcelain. He was only nineteen when he went to London to seek fortune and fame, and by the age of 24 was already hung in the Royal Academy.

Steve Bond, fourth generation descendant of James Holland has researched this biography for 10 years and enhanced it with a detailed and comprehensive list of his known works."

The cover image is: Opesdale Civile, Venice 1858, Victorian and Albert Museum.  

Published by Churnet Valley Books.

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