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John Ward, Burslem Solicitor (1781 - 1870) by David J Ebborn


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John Ward, Burslem Solicitor (1781 - 1870) written by David J Eborn.
Paperback. 60 Pages.
John Ward was a solicitor practising in Burslem during the 19th century with a strong interest in local history. His workings and associations led to the much later Federation of the six towns of Stoke on Trent ,namely his writing of the 1843 Borough of Stoke upon Trent tome. He originally arrived in Burslem in 1809 attracted by the growing economy of the town he also became the chief constable of Burslem and in charge of licensing and rubbed shoulders with eminent potters of the day including Enoch Wood and John Davenport.  John Ward was certainly one of the faces of Burslem and one who relates strongly to its given title of the Mother town of Stoke on Trent.

Published by David J Ebborn 2004.

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