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L.S. Lowry: The Art and the Artist Book by T. G. Rosenthal


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Paperback written by Author: T. G. Rosenthal

Published by Unicorn Publishing Group

Size: 30cm high.

Pages: 320

Released: 2012

Details: This is described as: "In addition to all the usual elements of an art historical monograph on this scale Rosenthal has devoted chapters to Lowry's technique, his visual friendship with his fellow painter David Carr; and a serious analysis and rebuttal of a theory that has advanced the view that Lowry suffered from Asperger's Disease. Review Andrew Lambirth writes: Rosenthal has done his subject proud. This rich and stimulating book is a fitting tribute to an artist of considerable complexity. --The Spectator, 4 December 2010 Tom Rosenthal's book, colloquial and lively, brings out Lowry's robust eccentricity and takes us close to the man himself. --Daily Mail - Christmas Books 10 December 2010 Gerald Isaman writes: Rosenthal's brilliant book provides so much to ponder, appreciate and enjoy about an iconic artist who in many respects, remains an enigma. --Camden New Journal 3 March 2011 Mr Rosenthal is a skilled and persuasive writer and he has produced a beautiful and important book. --The Literary Review February 2011 About the Author T.G Rosenthal, publisher and art historian, holds a PhD in Art History from Cambridge University and has written extensively on art for Studio International, Modern Painters, The Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Independent on Sunday, The London Magazine, Encounter and many other journals."


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