Martin Brothers Grotesques

Martin Brothers inspired ceramic sculpture Mary Sparrow by Burslem Pottery


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Mary Sparrow by Burslem Pottery

Size: 15cm tall.

Stoneware ceramic hand painted and hand made in Stoke on Trent, England.

"Poor old Mary could be in trouble if Charlie goes to prison, especially if he ends up at Stafford Gaol. Even if he doesn't, a fine won't help her and the five children living in their squalid home at Bycars Pool. Desperate for her husband to get on the straight and narrow, and get a job on the pot-bank, Mary's expectations are low. Ever loyal, she'll stay strong for Charlie's sake."

One of the pieces which make up the highly collected series titled The Courtroom or The Trial by Andrew Hall for Cobridge Stoneware, made by Burslem Pottery.

Inspired by Wallybird Grotesques of the Martinware Pottery known as the Martin Brothers.

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