Martin Brothers Grotesques

Martin Brothers inspired ceramic sculpture The Bailiff by Burslem Pottery


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The Bailiff by Burslem Pottery

Size: 28cm tall.

Stoneware ceramic hand painted and hand made in Stoke on Trent, England.

"The Court Bailiff will try to get back the stolen property, or at least make sure that any fines are paid to the court. Cecil Colclough enjoys his job; a big chap, he likes to throw his weight around if the situation calls for it. A bit of a bully, he quite likes the situation when called for it."

One of the pieces which make up the highly collected series titled The Courtroom or The Trial by Andrew Hall for Cobridge Stoneware, made by Burslem Pottery.

Inspired by Wallybird Grotesques of the Martinware Pottery known as the Martin Brothers.

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