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Picasso His Life His Art


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Author: Porzio, Domenico & Marco Valsecchi (Editors).

Edition: Reprint

Release Date: 01-12-1974

Details: Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 and dies in 1973 the most famous, celebrated and honoured artist in the history of the world. For more than seven decades he had astounded the public, his critics and his fellow artists with a dazzling variety of styles each of which had created a cultural and artistic revolution. Some of his pictures expressed political ideology, others destroyed the established code of aesthetic values; but everything he did was as full of passionate life as the man himself. Picasso could be a clown and a buffoon but above all he was a great artist in painting, in sculpture, as a draftsman, as an etcher, lithographer, potter – there was no branch of the visual arts which his incredibly variable talent did not enhance. This superbly printed and richly illustrated book contains a sympathetic account of Picasso’s life and work, a detailed chronology of his life, and a dazzling display in black and white and above all colour of every facet of his art. The perceptive and elegantly written introduction by John Russell, and art critic of the Sunday Times, perfectly sets the scene for a loving appraisal of this great artist.

Binding: Hardcover

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