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Potters in Parks by Mervyn Edwards


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Potters in Parks by Mervyn Edwards.

Potters in Parks is a lively and thought provoking look at the history of the City Parks from their conception, through their halcyon days, and beyond.

This is the fourth of Mervyn Edwards' books in this series, adding to Potters at Play (1996) and Potters in Pubs (1997) and Potters in Pits (1998).

Each is a fast flowing and readable overview of the subject in question, extensively researched and enhanced by references, and suitable for the casual reader, the student and the local historian alike.

Mervyn's blend of painstaking research ad lucid explanation of the historical developments, combine to make this book a highly readable celebration of our municipal parks.

Published by Churnett Valley Books in 1999.

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