Paine Proffitt

PP2318 - Potteries - Oatcakes Walk by Paine Proffitt


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PP2318 - Potteries - Oatcakes Walk by Paine Proffitt.

Painted in 2023 on canvas board as part of his Potteries series of works.

Size unframed 8x10 inches (20x25 cm). Framed in simple black frame.

Acrylic on canvas board.

Original acrylic artwork with collage on board by Paine Proffitt of a man/boy in a cap shouting Oatcakes, holding a rolled up oatcake in his hands.

Title: "Potteries - Oatcake Walk"

Painted in 2023.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas board

The painting will lend itself to being displayed propped against a wall on a shelf or is available as framing on request.

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