Philip Hardaker

Red Heart Womankind Life Love our Mother Burslem 2021 by Philip Hardaker

Original heart framed ceramic art piece with found old ceramic shards from the ground. The modelled and glazed word art is by Philip Hardaker titled "Red Heart Womankind Life Love our Mother Burslem", made in 2021.

Words indented into the blue glazed ceramic by Philip Hardaker are:

"Womankind",  "Life" & "Love our Mother Burslem" as well as a number of other modelled ceramics pieces including "Love Peace" and "Welcome Home"

Framed in artist found heart shaped frame moulding painted pillarbox red.

Size: 30cm x 30cm.

Wall hanging artist modelled ceramic, hand decorated word art with artist found ceramic shards from the ground placed into a Heart Shaped frame hand painted red, in Stoke on Trent made at the artist's studio in 2021. 

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