Ronnie Cruwys

Sagittarius The Centaur Archer by Ronnie Cruwys


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Original painting of the mosaic of Sagittarius which sits above the carved relief of November on the frontage of the Grade II* listed Wedgwood Institute, Queen Street, Burslem, Stoke on Trent by Ronnie Cruwys.

It is an original artwork, in hand-made paint with natural earth pigments and 24.5 carat shell gold paint on 600gsm acid-free watercolour paper.

Size of artwork 6in x 6in and the overall size in its mount is 12in x 12in.

The work is available to buy unframed. Please contact the gallery if you would like to add framing.

Each artwork includes a signed certificate of authenticity attached to the back of each artwork.

The sign of the ‘Sagittarius ’ The Archer of the zodiac calendar covers the date period 23 October to 22 November.

The Archer is represented as an archer Centaur, half man half horse. The sign is also represented by a bow and arrow although the Wedgwood Institute frontage shows the full sign representation of the Archer Centaur as designed by the Signor Salviati circa 1865.

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