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Signed Motley the Cat hardback by Susannah Amoore paintings by Mary Fedden


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Signed Motley the Cat hardback by Susannah Amoore paintings by Mary Fedden 1997 complete with dustcover.

The hardback is signed by both story author Susannah Amoore and signed by Mary Fedden.

The softback is unsigned and was published by Penguin Viking in 1999. It also includes on the front cover Winner of the Mother Goose Award.

On the inside cover quotes: "Motley, the stripped-like-a-tiger cat, is looking for a home of little girls in the garden of the very tall house with a blue door, it looks as though his search might be over. But only a cat of quite exceptional power and magic can make dreams come true."

"With original and beautiful illustrations by contemporary British artist, Mary Fedden, this is the haunting and magical story of a truly enchanted cat"

On the backside cover quotes: "Mary Fedden RA studied at the Slade School of Art and later taught at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited every year since 1947 and her work, with its singing colour and apparently effortless simplicity, has earned her a special and popular place in British contemporary art. This is her first picture book."

"Susannah Amoore has worked for the BBC, the Financial Times, The Economist and is now with Conde Nast Publications. She is also a published poet. She lives in London and has two daughters."

"Motley is a real cat, who still lives with Susannah Amoore in her house by the Thames, and this is a true story."

Released in UK and Canada. Published by Penguin Group / Viking. 

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