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Signed with drawing And Miss Carter Wore Pink Book by Helen Bradley


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And Miss Carter Wore Pink Written by Author and Artist Helen Bradley.

Reprint 1972. Hardback with dustcover first published 1971, 32 pages.

First edition Release Date: 1971

This copy is signed by Helen Bradley with an inscription and a small drawing.

"To Hazel with Best Wishes from the artist Helen Bradley Dec 18th 1973"

A small simple drawing of a point a line and a fly attached is drawn below the inscription."

This may have been gifted from Helen Bradley or it has been signed perhaps during a Christmas book signing event. 

Inset in the dust cover says:

"Born in Lees, a village outside Oldham, in 1900, Helen Bradley was over sixty when she began to paint - to show her small granddaughter what life was like when she herself was a child. To date (1971) she had held three exhibitions, two at the Mercury Gallery in London and one in Los Angeles. At her last London exhibition in 1970, every one of her paintings had been sold before the opening day. 'The enchantment of the season,' said the International Herald Tribune, 'and better than whole volumes of social history.' Compared to Grandma Moses, admired by Lowry, Helen Bradley's work is today in astonishing demand. 'The Edwardian era was lovely, gay and exciting, and I love painting it,'  she says; 'even the weather was kinder.' Her bright, teeming pictures and her own delightful narrative memorably reflect that gentle period - market day, an outing to Blackpool, fairgrounds and funerals, bread-making, a day at the races, carol singing in the snow. The same loved characters make their appearance; three maiden aunts with their sweeping muslin skirts, their friend Miss Carter (who wore pink), Mr Taylor the Bank Manager, and the dogs Gyp and Barney."

"Primitive in style, idyllic in mood, these pictures are as accomplished as they are imaginative. Reproducing both paintings and Helen Bradley's own charming commentary, this unique volume is an incomparable pleasure, a potential classic."

A British niave painter of her childhood Edwardian scenes Helen Bradley painting started in her 60's in order to show her grandchildren the happy childhood she remembered.

This is the third of a series of books written to help to raise the profile of her art to all ages.


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