Ken Griffiths

The Oyster Arrives at Celebes c2009 by Ken Griffiths


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Original painting titled "The Oyster Arrives at Celebes" by Ken Griffiths.

Title The Oyster Arrives at Celebes

Mixed Media

Emulsion on paper with oil.

Signed circa 2009.

Framed with distressed black and brown wooden frame with bronze strip double mounted under glass.

Size:  39cm x 52.5cm or 15.25" x 20.75" ( 62cm x 74.5cm or 24.25" x 29.25" framed )

Exhibitions and Provenance

Exhibited in 2014 solo show The Demise of Black - Barewall Art Gallery 2014

Provenance: Direct from a close family member of the artist.



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