Arthur Berry

A Potteries Parthenon (The Pigeon Cote) 1993 by Arthur Berry

Original mixed media painting titled "A Potteries Pathenon - The Pigeon Cote" by Arthur Berry.

The Pigeon Cote in the image shows a stripped wooden shed on stilts in an area of wasteground. It would be used to accommodate a pastime of some of the working class in 20th century, that of keeping homing or racing pigeons, the keepers would often be termed 'Pigeon Fanciers' of which a painting was included in the Lowry Berry exhibition in 2016. Berry here is holding up the sport in a noble way titling the painting as 'A Potteries Pathenon', suggesting that this simple knocked together wooden structure often found at the bottom of a garden or on an allotment is a bit like the Pathenon in Athens Greece.  

The Pigeon Cote ( A Potteries Parthenon) 1993
Mixed Media on Card 
32.25" x 23.25" / 82cm x 59cm
Signed and Dated.

Size: 32.5" x 23" / 82.5cm x 58.4cm  (Framed 44" x 36" / 112cm x 91cm)
Exhibitions and Provenance:

Manchester Art House solo exhibition 1994
Published A Ragged Richness by Peter Davies 2021
Brampton Museum and Art Gallery - A Ragged Richness 2022

Provenance : Direct from the estate of Arthur Berry.

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