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The Regent by Arnold Bennett


Arnold Bennett

The Regent by Arnold Bennett

With a critical introduction by John Shapcott, Keele University. Past Chairman of The Arnold Bennett Society.

The Arnold Bennett Society describe The Regent as:

"In The Card Arnold Bennett created one of fiction’s memorable comic characters, the irrepressible Denry Machin.  We meet I’m again in The Regent.  At age 43 he is feeling jaded and in need of fresh horizons to explore. 

This is a funny and affectionate story of traditional community values pitted against the glamour of London sophistication.  Bennett pains a vivid picture of two cultures in collision as Denry moves from the riotous world of the Potteries music hall to the intrigue of London’ Edwardian theatres.  Along the way he meets scheming entrepreneur, temperamental actresses and publicity-seeking suffragettes.  The scene shifts from Burslem to London to America and home again." 

This authoritive introduction encourages a reading of The Regent in the context of an Edwardian world son to disappear in the face of global economic forces and the threat of war.

Cover picture: Moira by Gerald Kelly RA.

Published by Churnet Valley Books.

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