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Titanic Remembered Historical Documentary Film DVD


A film which documents the real story of the Titanic with facts, memorabilia and interviews and memories shared about the infamous ocean going liner.

With film of interviews with survivors and from family members of passengers both survivors and of some of those that were on the ship as it sunk to its watery depths. The documentary looks at the memorabilia and items from the ship itself from the Titanic Society with filming from a convention which took place in Southampton, England.

The film see footage as a boat trip leaves from the dock built for the Titanic, it visits the Maritime Museum, attends a very special titanic memorial service and goes on to see and show various memorials both to the Titanic and to her crew.

The film heads to Colne in Lancashire, the birthplace of the bandleader of the Titanic, Wallace Hartley. And in Alnwick the film shows the 1st class passenger lounge which is originally from the RMS Olympic, an interior which is identical to that of her sister ship the Titanic. This now forms the interior of the restaurant called the Olympic Suite at the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland, UK.

The film includes previously never seen material, untold stories and rare items now highly collectable. It includes interviews with experts which unfold to show the importance of the remembrance of the story of the RMS Titanic.

Produced by Ray Johnson and Staffordshire Film Archive.

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