Lost and Found Projects

Union Jack Guggle Jug from Lost and Found Projects

Large hand painted found pottery ceramic guggle jug made in Stoke on Trent by Wade Ceramics from Lost and Found Projects. 

Size : 27cm x 17cm x 10cm or 10.5" x 6.75" x 4"

The Guggle Jug is in the shape of a fish and relates historically back to a Victorian water jug design made in Staffordshire in 1870 by Thomas Forester & Son a factory based in Longton.  The Jug made a Glug Glug sound hence the design was made into the shape of a fish. More recently Wade Pottery made a new version in colourful glazes which have been a huge hit. Sadly with the raising energy prices and cost of living crisis the factory had to close its doors in early 2023.

This is an original Guggle Jug made in Stoke on Trent, England by Wade Pottery. This is a found collectable piece with a hand painted Union Jack.

Now available from Barewall Art Gallery. Only one available.

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