Slabbing and Rolling Workshop with Andrew Matheson RBSA 11th - 12th April 2016

Andrew Matheson RBSA and member of the Midlands Potters Association (MPA) will be at Middleport Pottery from 11th to the 12th April 2016 demonstrating the making of his tree structure ceramic sculptures which will be available to buy at the gallery in the coming weeks.

The workshop takes place over 2 days when he will go through the tips of slab constructing a structure which can be sculptured and withstand the firing and glazing sharing many tricks he has learnt over his 30 years potting.

It takes place from 11 to 3pm on both days and is FREE. You are also able to drop in to take part in the demonstration.

Clay has been kindly provided by Pot Clays for the demonstration

Tree Structure form by Andrew Matheson RBSA  Andrew Matheson with finished clay tree form  Andrew Matheson RBSA demonstrating slab building of his tree forms