Antiques Roadshow appraise Arthur Berry painting on BBC 25/4/2016

We were delighted to view tonight's episode of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow filmed at Trentham Gardens at the end of last summer 2015 when an original mixed media painting by Arthur Berry entitled "The Unemployables" was appraised.

The expert described "Berry as someone who was to the Potteries as The PitMen painters are to Durham or Lowry to Salford. He said that Stoke on Trent had such an artist in Arthur Berry".

Barewall are delighted that Arthur's work has been given this recognition on national TV and opened his work up to a much larger national and potentially international audience from reruns, on demand and overseas replays of the popular BBC antiques and collectables show.

The piece discussed is called "The Unemployables" and belongs to Romy Cheeseman. Arthur was a huge friend with Peter Cheeseman who was founder and director of the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle Under Lyme, North Staffordshire where Arthur saw a number of his plays produced and performed.

Barewall have been working with the estate now for a number of years and are delighted about this coverage for Arthur's work. If you would like to view work which is currently available from the estate please keep up with the ongoing works which are becoming available occasionally. We are very lucky currently that a number of works are now being released for the first time.

Barewall 25th April 2016 x

"Arthur looked out of the art school windows and saw that it was out there that he should paint. The people and the streets were the only thing he could have painted which would have captured the very essense of how he felt and what he wanted to express as an artist, living in Burslem."

Window View by Arthur Berry. Mixed Media 30 x 22 inches on paper.

Window View by Arthur Berry   Arthur Berry outside the Burslem School of Art