Edward Mackenzie

EM11 The Coming Of Christianity and The Marine Steam Engine by Edward Mackenzie

"The missionaries of 19th century Britain and America were aided and dependent upon the English and Foreign Bible Society and others for the supply and export of Bibles to many corners of the world. Initially the shipping of missionaries and bibles was via sailing vessels. In the middle of the 1800's the 'Marine Steam Engine' was introduced, soon to power most vessels hitherto solely dependent on wind power. Thus the missionary movement was accelerated."

"This work is built around an actual organ, the lie of which was easily transported aiding the work of the missionaries. The horizontal band or window of the organ is filled with painted matches, portraying the sky as light grey, the sea as blue, vessels as ultramarine and the shadows of the vessels as dark grey. the ultrmarine and dark grey together show ornate Christian crosses. See the ships engine through the portholes."

Edward Mackenzie.

Assemblage sculpture.


Size: 26.4cm x 59.2cm x 8.9cm


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