Peter Davis

65 Little Lever Street, Manchester 2021 by Peter Davis

One of a series of urban paintings by Peter Davis focusing on city centre of Manchester titled "62 Lever Street, Manchester" painted in 2021 by Peter Davis.

65 Little Lever Street

Peter Davis

Acrylic on board.

39cm x 29cm framed


“65 Little Lever Street” is a little street tucked away off Stevenson Square in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It is named after Little Lever, a town which is in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton.

Peter says : "I love this slice of old Manchester, so far untouched by gentrification. I was immediately drawn to the numbers above the loading bay door, done in that old fashioned typeface that I used to see on houses when I was growing u. I also love that someone who used to occupy the building has, bizarrely, cut two holes in the security shutter. Was it for ventiliation, or as a lookout I wonder?"

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