Neil Tregear

Birch Forest Stoneware Open Shallow Bowl by Neil Tregear

Hand Thrown Stoneware Bowl made by Neil Tregear's at Tregear Pottery.

A semi glazed bowl decorated with a mixture of subtle, abstract and linear carvings, metallic oxides and semi matt glazes used for pattern and a contrast between the design and clay body. 

Size 20cm x 6cm / 8" x 2.5"

Hand thrown bowl by Neil Tregear. Decorated by hand. 

Unique for using paper cuttings in the decoration Tregear Pottery is based on the Isle of Wight. Barewall recently visited the pottery and could not resist bringing some of the pieces back to the gallery. They visit Stoke on Trent on a regular basis to collect materials and equipment for their beautiful pottery and shop.

Signed with incised pottery mark to the base of the bowl.

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