FLUX Stoke on Trent

FLUX Bendot Collection by Marcus Steel for FLUX Stoke on Trent

SKU: 19101


This iconic collectable bone china luxurious tableware gift is FLUX Bendot Collection by FLUX designer Marcus Steel for FLUX Stoke on Trent.

The Bendot design is a cobalt blue dotty design on white china. The design is regular with the odd irregular dots to add interest and show curiosity finished with hand applied gold or platinum banding to the edges and to handles or go for straight cobalt designs for without.

Made 100% in Stoke on Trent.

This is brand new item which has been in storage since its launch and is available only while in stock.

It is beautifully boxed, wrapped in FLUX designed tissue paper and includes a certificate of authenticity with a how to look after your FLUX collectable.

It makes a beautiful ceramic collectable gift.

Perfect for occasions including coffee, espresso or tea drinking with cake, elevensies, lunch and dinner and for formal dinner party settings.

All FLUX designs come in three major luxury collections including

FLUX Bendot Cobalt, FLUX Bendot Gold and FLUX Bendot Platinum.

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