Rob Pointon

Hong Kong City in The Clouds Art Catalogue 2016 by Rob Pointon


This is the fourth art catalogue published by the Rob Pointon marketing team in the last 4 years.

Art Catalogue detailing paintings of Hong Kong by Rob Pointon painted in 2015 which culminated in an exhibition at Manchester Airport in early Feb 2016 where Rob was  awarded the first artist in residence for Manchester Airport until 2018.

This art cataloque which includes a good description of work and technique by Rob cut across his  inspirations from painting on location in the Chines city of Hong Kong live on the easel in association with Cathay Pacific and Manchester Airport. The art catalogue is titled "Pointon: Hong Kong City In The Clouds".

The opening page includes a brief introduction by Rob

"I could not imagine a more interesting urban landscape than Hong Kong, with the extreme height ad topography, the density and the multiple levels of people movement criss-crossing over one another, perfect material for playing games with perspective and representations of crowds. It is quite bizarre to discover a location so perfectly suited to my current approach across the other side of the globe. Through previous work in urban Manchester I developed a taste for painting busy streets, public transport and high rise buildings, Hong Kong has proven a perfect next step for these areas of interest."

Rob Pointon 2016

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