Agnete Hoy

Foal circa 1941 with celedon glaze by Agnete Hoy

High porcelain ceramic figure of a foal modelled and decorated by Agnete Hoy (1914 - 2000).

This young horse has been hand modelled, cast and decorated with bright celedon blue glazed body with brown spots decoration to the back, mane, tail and eyes. The design includes elongated eyelashes and high tail. 

Likely to be circa 1941.

This is a stylised impression of a young horse / pony designed by Agnete Hoy.

Further investigation has worked to show that the peice is called Foal.

Made in at Bullers in Stoke on Trent circa 1941.

We have two foals available. One has lesser brown spots markings then the other. The one with lesser brown spots markings also has a casting fault to the base of one of the hoofs. This does not affect the standing position of the figure and it is not seen unless you look at the bottom of the figure. A picture of the casting bubble is included, it also has been glazed and smoothed which means that the studio would have accepted this at the time for some reason. It may have been due to a shortage of materials during the war for example.

Size: 20 x 16cm x 8cm

Provenance: Exhibited in a Bullers Exhibition in 1977. This peice comes from the ownership of a large collector of Bullers Studio Pottery. A similar image of the form of a deer exists on the Agnete Hoy website.

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