Anne Potts

Large hand thrown vase incised decorated and celadon glaze by Bullers

Rare, hand signed and beautifully made high porcelain hand thrown large vase with incised decoration to upper body, decorated in celadon glaze all over with some lighter undertones at neck and rim of the lip of the vase.

Incised into the base by hand is Anne Potts, Made in England by Bullers also 391 and Y240, in dark green glaze H440.

The pot is by Annie Potts who was studio manager pre 1942 prior to designer Agnete Hoy (1914 - 2000). Annie Potts was brought to the studio by the recommendation of Gordon Forsyth from the Burslem School of Art at just the age of 16. 

This piece we feel shows the considerable skill of the teaching and output of the art school system in Stoke on Trent during the World War II and the talent that the Bullers studio attracted.

An in-glaze line which is not in the body just in the glaze runs around 3/4 of the bottom of the pot, however this is not a an effect of the 

Size: 10" x 8.5" or 25cm x 22cm.

Made at Bullers of Milton in Stoke-on-Trent circa pre 1942.

Provenance: This peice comes from the ownership of a large collector of Bullers Studio Pottery.

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