Shauna McCann

Pink Flamingo Dance Battle by Shauna McCann


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Hand made one off porcelain plaque showing a pottery yard with a Bottle Oven with Three Dancing Pink Flamingo in Ballet outfits.

This piece is inspired by The Potteries, Stoke on Trent. Titled 'Pink Flamingo Dance Battle' made in 2019 by artist who works with ceramics Shauna McCann.

Shauna has been working on peices with a camp angle recently and this work may have seemed a natural progression / fusion to bring to the Potteries. Perhaps with its battle to become City of Culture.

This one off original artwork explores the Potteries perhaps of the modern day and is made up of an artist made hand modelled ceramic piece in porcelain which has is made with scrafitto, hand painted and fused with glaze and  mounted onto an artist selected surface and framing.

Size: 65x53cm


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