Himarni Brownsword

We Are All in This Together 2015 by Himarni Brownsword

Political art platter inspired by the 2015 election by Himarni Brownsword.

Titled: We are all in this together.

Year: 2015

Height: 43cm approx x 33cm x 4cm

Handmade ceramic open platter with imprinted words / one off transfers / drawings and scraffito by artist Himarni Brownsword.

Made in response to the election campaign of 2015, it shows David Cameron in ceramic transfer alongside lines of terrace streets boarded up. The words we are all in this together is indented in the rim of the platter.

The piece was made when Hirmani was just 16. She is more recently 2018 studying at the Courtauld Institute, London.


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