Bernard Moore

White Rabbit, with Gold and Yellow ceramic figure c1905 by Bernard Moore


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White bone china rabbit form with glaze wipe of lemon, yellow and gold to the rabbits back. c1905 from the Bernard Moore Studio.

This stylised rabbit Art Noveau form has extended long ears and a rounded body. The firing and glazing shows the experimentation of the glazing coming out of the Bernard Moore studio. He was the go to master chemist in glaze technology of the day sought after by all the manufacturers of the day to bring his skill and knowledge into their own product ranges.

A fantastic collectors piece bringing the form and glaze together to embody the mastery of the Bernard Moore pottery studio.

Signed on the inside indistinctly in yellow glaze by hand.

Made in Studio of Bernard Moore, Wolf Street, Stoke circa 1905.

The studio includes glaze and firing experimentation, this piece does have some firing discolouration to the body in line with the studio pathos. It is in perfect condition.


Size: 7.5 x 6cm x 6cm

Provenance: This piece comes from the ownership of a large collector of Bernard Moore Pottery.

A similar image of the rabbit is included in publication:

Bernard Moore Master Potter 1850 - 1935 exhibition catalogue by Aileen Dawson (head of ceramics at British Museum), Richard Dennis curator at V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), London. p25. This is the minature version of this form also included in the listings.

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